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Scheideler & Associates PC is a Denver-based criminal defense law firm serving Denver, Co and it’s surrounding areas.

courthouse2The Criminal Defense law Firm of SCHEIDELER & ASSOCIATES PC, serves the Colorado Front Range; Denver, Adams, Jefferson, Broomfield, Boulder, Arapahoe and Douglas Counties. Defense Attorney Joe Scheideler previously practiced in New York, where he is still admitted. Robert Cain, JD, is our paralegal who supports the office when Joe is in Court. Joe is a trial lawyer who tries felony and misdemeanor cases of every category, including DUI and traffic. DUI is a criminal offense as well as a traffic offense. We are unusually well experienced in Domestic Violence matters due to our secondary specialties in family law, accident/tort cases, as well as worker’s comp and social security matters.

Experienced Criminal Defense Law in Denver Colorado

To learn more about the criminal legal services of the Joe Scheideler & Associates, PC, please contact Denver Defense Lawyer Joe Scheideler at (303)757-5678 or joescheide@aol.com.

While working in the N.Y.C. District Attorney’s Office with Geraldine Ferraro, and later working for mob lawyer Harold Borg, Esq. who represented John “Sonny” and Michael Franzese, Joe learned his trade from the best. He has received media attention in several cases in New York and has been quoted as an expert in the Denver Post and the Denver Business Journal.  Defense Attorney Joe Scheideler has also voiced his expert opinions on Tom Martino’s radio and TV shows. In 2005, Joe appeared six times on FOX NEWSLIVE national TV as defense expert on the Kobe Bryant case. Joe predicted that the case would be dismissed, which it was.

Defense Attorney Joe Scheideler has over 35 years experience, has had hundreds of trials and thousands of hearings. The firm has found that being well-prepared to try every case brings last minute offers of leniency or dismissal from the prosecution in a surprisingly large percentage of cases. We rely strongly on investigation and scientific testing. The Defense Law firm brings extensive motions for hearings when a constitutional suppression issue may bring pre-trial relief.

The networking ability of the Colorado Criminal Defense Bar keeps the Defense Law firm apprised of cutting edge issues as well as sharing opinions and biases of the Judges and District Attorneys before we see them in court.

Since 2002 The Defense Law Firm has helped clients in the Denver Colorado area resolve high-conflict criminal law matters. We are known for taking on the difficult criminal cases and getting results, from victories at trial to unexpectedly favorable plea bargains for our clients.